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Let's have more Fun in the Philippines


Flag  of The Philippines

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Fun in the Philippines 

" It's more fun in the Philippines ", is a new slogan from the Department of Tourism to attract tourists to visits and explore the beauty of the Philippines. It is after the success of the slogan "Wow, Philippines " for many years. 

The Philippines is a tropical country with beautiful scenery, fascinating landscape, splendid beaches and breathtaking land and water adventure . With 7,107 islands to discover, explore and enjoy, literally, one will have more fun while learning also the rich cultures of the Filipinos .
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Uncovering the top 8 Amazing Places to explore in the Philippines and have fun 

1. Boracay Island


Known for  its famous white sand beaches and one of the world's finest beaches. It is located approximately 315 kilometers from the South of Manila ( Capital of The Philippines ) and 2 kilometers off the Northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas . 

There are many hotels which have  facilities  available to suit different levels of activities. Tourists and locals have fun in water activities like diving, wind surfing, sailing and snorkeling while others opted to relax, walking along the beach . 

The fun does not end when the sun sets. Those who are up for night life , bars and restaurants are open serving delicious food and drinks not to mention , the live Filipino bands and musicians.

 How to get  to Boracay?

The island can be traveled both by plane or by RoRo ( Roll On , Roll Off ) vessel.


a) By Plane 

From Manila , take a plane to Kalibo and it will take about 45 minutes then an hour for a car ride then another 10 minutes boat ride to the island. 

b) By RoRo

From Manila, it will take around 13 to 14 hours travel to Caticlan then an hour travel by car and 10 minutes boat ride to reach the island. This long journey will give the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the scenery of 4 different places like Batangas, Mindoro, Roxas and Caticlan.


2. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park ( Underground River )

Puerto Princesa Underground River
 Underground River Entrance  (  -

Photo by Fiona  Cullinan

According to Wikipedia on January 28, 2012, it was officially confirmed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Nature and declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It is located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan . 

It features a spectacular limestone or karst landscape that contains an 8.2 km long long underground river. The river flows directly into the sea and the lower half portion of it is brakish and subject to tidal influences . It is also one of the most important biodiversity conservation areas. 

One of the longest navigable underground river in the world where anyone, visitors and local alike  can easily experience and appreciate the formation of stalactites and stalagmites and several large chambers.

How to get  to Puerto Princesa

It is more than an hour by plane from Manila and 22 hours long travel by ferry ( weekly trip) to Puerto Princesa.


3. The Cordillera Mountains

The Cordillera Mountains are the largest in the Philippines. Hiking in the Philippines is a delightful and unique experience just like trekking and following the river . 

Trails vary from beginner to expert and overnight backpacking trips are also popular. Hiking through the jungles and valleys and to enjoy the breathtaking views of the famous rice terraces ( was considered , the Eight Wonder of the World ).

Banaue Rice Terraces ( )

How to get  to Cordillera 

A 45 minute flight from Manila to Baguio and or 6 hours travel by bus .


4. Chocolate Hills in Bohol
Chocolate Hills are look like giant mole hills and consist of 1,268 hulls and uniform in shape, covered with grass but during dry season , it turns to chocolate brown ( where the name derives ).

Enjoying the beauty of Chocolate Hills , one will have a chance too to see the smallest primates in the world and can only found in the Philippines , the tarsier. Loboc is a natural habitat of tarsiers , few minutes away from Chocolate Hills .
Tarsiers (

How to get to  Bohol ?

By plane from Manila to Tagbilaran , it will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes and a boat to Bohol.

5.  Beautiful    Cebu

Mactan, Cebu (
Fort San Pedro , Cebu (

Cebu is next to Manila in terms of development and considered as one of the most tourist destination


Taoist Temple , Cebu (

There are several places to enjoy and have fun in Cebu and one of those is Kawasan Falls. It has three waterfalls. It is located in Southern part of Cebu.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls, Cebu (
 How to get  to Cebu ?

About 45 minutes by plane from Manila and 10 hours by ferry .


6. Siargao Island

Love to surf ? 

Love to engage in water sports? 

Siargao Island is a right place . This province is blessed with white sand beaches and strong waves that the place becomes famous to local and foreign surfers . There are competitions held yearly for surfers.

7. Tubattaha Reef Natural Park in Sulu

This is the Philippine's First national marine park and UNESCO World Heritage Site . Colorful reef with fish crowds and corals growing in the shallows and sharks haunt the steep drops off to the open sea. 


8. White Water Rafting in Camiguin , CDO

The  Philippines is a great place to visit, explore and have fun. The delicious , authentic local food is hard to resist. Filipinos are known for being friendly and hospitable hosts.
We ( Filipinos ) make sure that our guest (s) really will have a rich experience and a lot of fun.

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